Flow technology enables the birth of 

CPU 2.0 - the era of SuperCPUs.

About Flow Computing.

Flow Computing is a pioneering startup based in Helsinki, Finland enabling the next generation of CPU performance for the most demanding applications, such as locally-hosted AI and general-purpose parallel computing. 

Capable of being integrated into any current or pending design architecture or process geometry, Flow provides a revolutionary up to 100-fold acceleration that is usable in standard products to enable “CPU 2.0”-levels of throughput and eliminating the need for expensive GPU acceleration of CPU instructions.

This revolutionary performance leap is achieved using the company’s patented Parallel Processing Unit (PPU) licensable architecture and compiler ecosystem - enabling developers to choose their preferred ratio of raw performance for new apps vs. maintaining legacy code and application compatibility when required. 

Flow's groundbreaking architecture also turbocharges embedded systems and data centers, for uses such as edge and cloud computing, AI clouds, multimedia codecs across 5G/6G, autonomous vehicle systems, military-grade computing and more.

3 key values embodied by Flow


Flow Computing exists because traditional CPU performance has become a bottleneck for innovation, especially in AI, edge computing and advanced data analysis – which rely heavily on computing power. 

We are driven by the belief that significant leaps, instead of incremental improvements, are necessary to meet the escalating demands of new technology applications. Our PPU technology is designed to shatter these limits with up to a 100-fold increase in processing capabilities, ensuring that users and the broader tech community are equipped to solve tomorrow's challenges today.


At Flow, we understand that true innovation doesn’t come from technology alone—it requires the right mix of people, environment and culture. We are committed to cultivating a workspace that attracts the best global talent, encouraging them to think differently, challenge norms, and push the boundaries of what's possible. 

Our approach goes beyond achieving breakthroughs in technology. We are driven to also ensure that our innovations are sustainable and ethically grounded – we believe in responsible advancements in computing that benefit society as a whole.


Flow Computing is dedicated to reshaping the future of technology with our Parallel Performance Unit (PPU). Our mission is centered on the core belief that dramatic advancements in CPU performance can fundamentally transform industries.
Our PPU enables real-time data processing and decision-making capabilities that are essential for autonomous vehicles, smart infrastructure, and real-time analytics. By dramatically reducing processing time and energy consumption, our technology doesn't just change how machines operate – it enhances the sustainablity, efficiency and safety of systems that human societies rely on every day.

News & articles

The future of computing: unveiling the power of flow

The landscape of computing is undergoing a seismic shift. As the demands for processing power continue to grow exponentially, the current architectures are reaching their limits. Flow is at the forefront of this revolution, implementing a radical rethink in how we approach CPUs and general purpose computing performance.

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Hot Chips 2024 - learn more about Parallel Processing Unit (PPU)

Join us at Hot Chips 2024 (August 25-27) in Stanford University to learn more about how Flow's groundbreaking Parallel Processing Unit (PPU) is transforming the general purpose computing landscape. Interested in learning more about Flow's PPU and technology behind it? Schedule a meeting with us at Hot Chips 2024.

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Flow Computing Deep Dive: Dr. Martti Forsell's White Paper Explores the "Design Goals, Advantages, and Benefits" of Revolutionary PPU Technology

We're excited to share a deeper look into the technology behind our groundbreaking Parallel Processing Unit (PPU). Dr. Martti Forsell, our CTO and Chief Architect, together with our tech team has authored a comprehensive white paper titled "Design Goals, Advantages, and Benefits of Flow Computing".

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Flow Computing Emerges from Stealth with Licensable, On-Die Parallel Processing Enabling 100X Improved Performance For Any CPU Architecture

Capable of Full Backwards Compatibility with Existing Software Designed for Servers, Mobile Devices or PCs, The “SuperCPU” Era Dawns to Outperform State-of-the-Art CPUs such as Apple’s M-series and Others; €4M in Nordic Pre-Seed Funding Currently in Place from Oversubscribed Round

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Performance and Programmability Comparison of the Thick Control Flow Architecture and Current Multicore Processors

The performance and programmability comparison of Flow’s F16 vs. Intel Skylake Core i7 and Xeon W processors assuming the same clock rate.

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Realizing multioperations and multiprefixes in Thick Control Flow processors

Implementation and performance evaluation of multioperations and multiprefixes in Flow’s processors. We showed that the multioperations can asymptotically speed up execution of certain N data element algorithms by a factor of log N.

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Preliminary Performance and Memory Access Scalability Study of Thick Control Flow Processors

The performance and memory access programmability comparison of Flow’s F4, F16, F64 and F256 vs. Intel Skylake Core i7 and Xeon W processors assuming the same clock rate.

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Senior LLVM Compiler Backend Engineer

We are seeking an experienced and highly skilled Senior LLVM Compiler Backend Engineer to join our team. In this role, you will be responsible for developing and optimizing the compiler backend for our Parallel Processing Unit.

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PPU/CPU Modeling Engineer

You are a talented engineer with a strong background in C/C++ programming, simulation architecture, functional and performance modeling, and performance analysis, as well as modeling framework design and development preferably related to processor design.

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Compiler Engineer

We are looking for a person with experience in compiler, parallel language and SW support technologies and related commercial design flows and tools such as LLVM for a new architecture, optimizations, run-time/library support, RISC-V, ISA extensions, instruction set simulators, benchmarking and parallel language implementation.

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Founding team.

CEO, Co-Founder

Dr. Martti Forsell
CTO & Chief Architect, Co-Founder

Jussi Roivainen
Chief Designer, Co-Founder

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