Enter the era of 

next generation SuperCPUs. 

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PPU [Parallel
Processing Unit]

Hello performance 2.0. 
Hello Parallel Processing Unit.

For decades, CPU progress was incremental, resulting in the computing performance bottleneck of today. Yet the demand for greater processing power fuelled by advancements in AI, edge computing, and cloud technologies, has never been more urgent. 

Breaking through the bottleneck is Flow Computing’s Parallel Performance Unit (PPU) architecture. A truly groundbreaking enhancement that brings up to 100X performance boost to any CPU in any architecture. Fully backwards compatible, Flow technology even doubles the performance of most legacy applications after recompiling.
Flow’s PPU architecture not only meets but exceeds today’s demand for speed and efficiency— ushering in a new era of supercharged CPUs.

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PPU enables a
new era of

100x CPU performance

The SuperCPU era is here

Flow Computing enables next-generation performance for the most demanding applications, from locally-hosted AI to general-purpose parallel computing.
Capable of being integrated into any current or pending design architecture or process geometry, Flow provides revolutionary 100-fold acceleration — immediately usable in any future CPU. Flow enables the next era for CPU throughput and eliminating the need for expensive GPU acceleration of CPU instructions.
The dramatic increase in performance stems from our patented Parallel Processing Unit architecture and our versatile compiler ecosystem. Together they allow developers to balance the raw performance needed for new applications with the need for compatibility with legacy code.
Beyond individual devices, Flow’s innovative architecture significantly enhances the capabilities of embedded systems and data centers. It finds application in a range of settings, including edge and cloud computing, AI clouds, multimedia processing over 5G/6G networks, autonomous vehicle systems, and military-grade computing setting a new benchmark for what CPUs can achieve.

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